How To Develop And Use The Gift Of Prophecy, PDF On CD

by Anchor
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You are compelled to proclaim God?s truth. You have a strong sense of duty, tend to be very opinionated and serious, are authoritative?especially when it comes to Scripture, are burdened to expose sin in others, long to see revival, boldly speak with urgency, want things done right, and stand up for justice and causes in which you believe, and will ?go to bat? for the innocent who have been wronged. Because of your zeal, people may see you as insensitive and demanding?and feel you are ?stepping on their toes? through your ?hell-fire-brimstone? teaching. If this sounds like you, you probably want to develop your gift of prophecy!This book was written to help you develop and use the gift of prophecy. It addresses: What Is the Gift of Prophecy, The Passion and Privilege of Serving on God?s Team, Seven Pitfalls Associated with the Gift of Prophecy, How to Enhance Your Gift, The Role of the Prophet in End Times, Using the Gift of Prophecy in Love, Using Your Gift on God?s Team, Identifying the Gift of Prophecy, A Two-Year Plan to Begin Thinking Like a Prophet. Seven chapters and two appendixes.Includes: 74-page book in PDF format (not audio) on CD (item #918C); also available as downloadable PDF (item #918).It is not available in print.We recommend that you also read How to Find Meaning and Fulfillment through Understanding the Spiritual Gift Within You, to gain a better understanding of spiritual gifts and how they relate to your daily life and ministry. How to Find Meaning and Fulfillment? is available in a revised edition in PDF file format as a Download (#904) or on CD (#904C?not audio) and in print (904T).NOTE: When you select this item 918C, you are ordering the CD version. The CD is NOT an audio, but a PDF file of the book, which you may view and read on your computer or print out for reading and study.