How Should A Christian Date?

by Anchor
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Pitch the Christian dating rulebook out the window. There\'s a better way!God didn\'t mandate a divine way to date. What He did do, in the Bible, is lay out principles for wise and healthy relational living among believers. His boundaries for us are wise and good. But exactly how you apply God\'s principles to your dating life is up to you to figure out. All you need is guidance, not micromanagement.How Should a Christian Date? doesn\'t try to boss you around. It just offers wisdom about the relevant principles in God\'s Word. Eric Demeter--a single guy who has given this subject a lot of thought--separates the truths of Scripture from the baggage of Christian dating subculture.There isn\'t one \'Christian\' way to date. But there are ways that Christians should handle themselves while dating . . . and those are the truths to live by.