Hope Gone Wild

by Anchor
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or a generation (and a culture) currently racked by confusion, division, despair, anxiety, and depression, the Bible?s most obscure and unexpected passages and verses offer profound secrets on how to find hope in our world today.We long for spiritual depth in a superficial age. Trite answers to life-altering situations are found at street corners and via social media posts. Where can we find wisdom? How can we foster our expectations for a purposeful life?In Hope Gone Wild, bestselling author, pastor, evangelist, and influencer Ben Courson guides readers into a serious awareness of the true depth and power of Scripture. Aiming to rediscover compelling words of the Bible that might appear myopic and obscure, Courson believes the further down you drill into the Bible and the more you let its truths seep into your soul, the more sacred optimism you will find.With quick-moving messages, Courson wants you to know how the Bible can:Give hope, including why it should be trusted and where it came from,Help you stop worrying and find peace in slowing down,Lead to finding an identity,Progress society into a more hopeful age, andDisplay hope that is not for a frozen chosen, but for all who long for it.?The Bible includes things far more wild, wacky, and weird than can be found in all those inspirational memes,? says Courson. ?It is okay to love all that ?future and hope? stuff, but it?s quite fun to delve into the verses that no one knows about or remembers.? Join Courson in the revolt against shallow happiness and exalted suffering by finding the hope that has been there for generations.Perfect for Generation Y and Z and those in direct relationship with that age group, Hope Gone Wild unpacks the Bible in an accessible and encouraging way. The Bible never changes, and the hopeful answers we need have been there all along.