Hope For Families Of Children

by wasSTL
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I'm sorry to tell you this, your child has cancer. Each year in America those devastating words thrust parents of more than 12,000 children and adolescents into a frightening, dark tunneldramatically changing the dynamics of each family. Because childhood cancer attacks quickly and unexpectedly, parents reel, bombarded with information regarding treatments, tests and decisions - as parents echo, I've never felt so alone. I feel like I'm in a fog. From the initial diagnosis and throughout the daunting journey the twelve chapters and resources in Hope for Families of Children with Cancer weave advice, support and hope from fellow travelers and professionals who come alongside through encouraging short stories, refreshing helpful hints and inspiring scriptures and prayers. Many weary parents pull apart as communication breaks downsometimes far apart. An added study, Youniquely Made helps family members appreciate different personalities and methods of coping. Overwhelmed families find comfort and courage as writers deal with the struggles parents face balancing needs of their child; family ( the set aside spouses and the invisible ones - siblings); and self - the caregiver - the new normal of childhood cancer.