Honor Begins At Home Bible Study Book

by Anchor
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Honor Begins at Home Bible Study Book includes printed content for eight sessions, personal study between group sessions, applicable Scripture, ?How to Use This Study,? a leader guide, and tips for leading a group.Inspired by the movie COURAGEOUS, this Bible study takes individuals, spouses, or small groups into biblical truths for a godly family. You?ll explore topics such as redeeming your history, walking with integrity, winning and blessing the hearts of your children, and more. Every session involves watching a clip from the movie to help group members engage in discussion. Optional readings from the COURAGEOUS product family can help deepen your understanding of each week?s topics.Session topics:1. Accepting Responsibility2. Embracing Your Identity3. Redeeming Your History4. Walking in Integrity5. Serving and Protecting6. Winning and Blessing Their Hearts7. Leaving a Legacy8. Surrounding Yourself with AccountabilityFeatures:? Eight small group sessions? Content written by the creators of the COURAGEOUS movie? Brief optional reading suggestions for more practical help or topic exploration? Free downloadable video clips for group or private viewingBenefits:? Study as an individual, a group, or together with your spouse.? Build your family and group relationships.? Grow as a godly family.? Make new commitments as parents.? Preserve integrity within your family.? Point your children toward Christ.? Develop relationships of accountability.? Produce a legacy of faithfulness in your family.