History Pockets- Explorers Of North America

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In History Pockets‰ÛÓExplorers of North America, Grades 4‰ÛÒ6, you‰۪ll find eleven memorable discovery pockets. The introduction pocket gives an overview of exploration throughout North America. The other pockets feature ten famous explorers and their journeys.The book includes the following pockets: Introduction to Explorers of North America‰ÛÓmap and time line, Christopher Columbus‰ÛÓold-time compass and hardtack, John Cabot‰ÛÓshoals and westerly route, Hernando Cortes‰ÛÓsea chest and expedition to Mexico, Jacques Cartier‰ÛÓship‰۪s log and journey game board, Sir Francis Drake‰ÛÓships and weather reports, Henry Hudson‰ÛÓnavigational tools and mutiny, Daniel Boone‰ÛÓlimericks and legends, James Cook‰ÛÓstamp and the Northwest Passage, Lewis and Clark‰ÛÓjournals and moccasins, John Wesley Powell‰ÛÓepitaph and the Grand Canyon. In each of the pockets you will find: a reproducible pocket label, a bookmark of short, fun facts about the subject, a reference map of the voyage(s) made by the explorer, a fact sheet of background information for teacher and students, ar