His Majesty's Heavenly GPS

by Anchor
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You are about to discover the poetically profound beauty of the origin of our universe-how the great, sovereign, eternal, almighty God scripted the end even from the beginning. The omnipotent Creator, perfect in all His ways, spoke into the unlimited vastness of eternity and brought forth every living creature, every resource for life and living, every positive and blessed methodology for accomplishing His purposes-seen and unseen, manifested and unmanifested-in just seven days. Yes, He was simultaneously the Alpha and the Omega-planning the End at the Beginning, then setting His chosen ones on a spiritual journey through time with GPS precision (heaven\'s Global Positioning System).Seven is the number of completions. The entire universe was aligned in seven days, ordered by His Majesty, the King of time and eternity-who has since stepped in, to release the decreed manifestation-era until all is finished and the great Shepherd comes to raise His people up, to reign with Him for eternity. We will then comprehend fully that...The King who launched the beginning in glory will showcase the end in even greater glory!