Hidden Treasures Of My Kingdom

by wasSTL
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Zoe Life Publishing is pleased to announce our new book series, "The Hidden Treasures of My Kingdom Pals". This book is crafted to equip every concerned parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle, minister or teacher to pass on the greatest gift that can be given---a sound spiritual heritage. In the "Treasure of Trust", you'll join three friends, Jules, Ruby and Toby as they search for hidden treasure. While they are successful in their search, they soon realize that the jewels they find aren't like anything they've ever seen. These jewels have special words on them and the friends are puzzled at their meaning and need help. On their journey that meet Nathan and his Kingdom Pal, David. Nathan explains to the friends that they have found Tresure Truth Jewles. He tells them that these jewels are more precious than diamonds because they were placed there by God to teach us how to live extraordinary lives. Kingdom Pal David takes them on an imaginary adventure back to the time when he took care of his father's sheep, battled a lion, a bear and even a giant! He helps Jules, Ruby and Tody understand the importance of trusting in and obeying God. Nathan also shares his story about how he was victorious over a situation at school because he trusted and obeyed God. The word of God will come alive as you and your child discover the Hidden Treasures of My Kingdom Pals: What is and how to give the greatest gift. How ordinary kids can do extraordinary things. As well as a special bonus 8 page parenting and teachers guide designed to teach parents and others who care for children practical tips and tools designed to help you put the word of God in the hands and hearts of your children.