Heavenly Portals

by Anchor
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How can you accomplish God?s plan if you aren?t actively entering into His heavenly realm? This book will open your eyes to a new realm of spirituality. You will learn to access heavenly portals and supernaturally rise above circumstances to a place of rest and peace, trusting God as He brings you into your assignment. Do you hunger for more of God and supernatural encounters? Are you tired of pressing and fighting to move forward? Do you want to know the keys to a life of trusting God and living in peace and rest? Do you know God has an assignment for you but you need more of Him to accomplish it? If this is your heart cry, then you are hungry to understand how to access heavenly portals and the realms of eternity. In Heavenly Portals, pastor Candice Smithyman shares from her own life experience to provide the keys to opening the heavenly portals that enable us to enter realms of eternity, giving us access to the dominion, power, prosperity, peace, and glory that will enable us to overcome in every area of our lives?and help others to do the same. In this book, you will discover how to:Develop a deeper trust relationship with GodLearn the difference between the spirit realm and soulish realms and how to operate in bothReceive an impartation of promotion that comes from understanding the transfiguration of JesusTap into faith for revelation from heavenOpen heavenly portals and ascend the mountain of GodImagine a life where you recognize soulish and demonic forces and know you can simply rise above them. When God gets ready to promote His people, He teaches them new aspects of His power and glory. It?s time to discover the heavenly portals that enable you to live in a realm of breakthrough, dominion, and peace.