HeartShaper Summer 2018: PreTeen Teacher Guide

by Anchor
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The HeartShaper Preteen Teacher Book contains 13 quarterly lessons in carefully developed lesson plans with 60 minutes of active Bible learning. Each Sunday has a \Lesson at a Glance\ unit overview plus \'Quick Step\' options requiring minimal teacher preparation. Each weekly lesson is then broken down into 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Focus In - activities to help children focus on the lesson\'s main point.
Step 2: Explore His Word - Three activities to develop Bible skills and involve kids in active learning. Activities are: Bible Exploration, Bible Memory and Bible Skill Builder.
Step 3: Make It Real - Activities that help kids understand the Bible lesson.
Step 4: Live It Out - Activities that help kids apply the lesson to their own lives.
One copy of the Teacher Book is included in the Teacher\'s Convenience Kit. Order extra copies for each additional teacher in your Sunday school class. Also try all of our HeartShaper Resources, including coloring books, activity books, and more!