Heartshaper Fall 2019: Middle Elementary Student Activities (#6242)

by Anchor
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These Middle Elementary activity leaflets make Bible study fun! Brand new activities are designed to draw kids ages 9 and 10 in to purposeful activities and thoughtful discussions, helping them to dig deeper into God\'s Word while making relevant connections in their lives. Also includes activities to do at home. Kids have fun while they\'re learning important truths. HeartShaper actively engages kids as they further develop Bible skills, explore Bible chronology, and learn how they fit into God\'s plan. This fall, 3rd and 4th graders will learn about The Very Beginning, The Beginnings of a People, The Beginnings of a Nation, and The Beginning of the End.Series Description:Shape hearts. Change lives. HeartShaper Children?s Curriculum helps kids grow to know and love God and His Word?and live it out! Kids take 5 journeys through the Bible by the time they reach 6th grade. Engaging lessons help kids explore the Bible, learn how they fit into God?s plan, make practical applications to their lives, and develop solid Bible skills. Lessons are easy to prepare and include our unique Quick Steps?! Activity options provide flexibility to customize lessons. Special-needs-friendly activities and adaptations are easy to identify and use.Need 1 per student.