He Loves You So

by Anchor
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You can experience God in new and exciting ways. This Holy Spirit-led devotional provides daily moments that will call you deeper into the rich love of God. In this year-long walk through the Bible, in just minutes every day you will be refreshed with an inspirational word from Scripture, a prayer and a declaration to remind you that He loves you so.\'Look with wonder at the depth of the Father\'s marvelous love thathe has lavished on us! He has called us and made us his very ownbeloved children\' (1 John 3:1 tpt).Take a moment to catch your breath as you sit in God\'s presence. God cherishes these times to be with you and to remind you of His unconditional love. As your relationship deepens, you will experience Him in new and exciting ways.This Holy Spirit-led devotional calls you deeper into the rich love of God. Every day you will be refreshed by an inspirational word. You will commit to that word by prayer. And you will find firm footing as you speak out each declaration--all the while being reminded that He loves you so.