Hands-On Worship Kit, Summer

by Anchor
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Hands-On Worship™ It’s more than LEARNING about God… it’s about ENCOUNTERING God! When kids experience a powerful encounter with God, their lives are transformed forever. With Group’s new Hands-On Worship kids church, your kids will have life-changing encounters with God every week through irresistible music, unforgettable Bible adventures, and powerful prayer experiences.With Hands-On Worship, you get…Everything you need for an irresistible kids church—including music, Bible exploration, and prayer experiences—in a single, affordable kit.Easy, high-impact lessons that are designed for kids of all ages worshipping and connecting together in a single room.Group’s R.E.A.L. approach and single Bible Point learning that make each lesson unforgettable.Older kids help lead younger kids through weekly Bible adventures. You grow the next generation of servant-leaders.BONUS with purchase: FREE online access to digital copies of the Leader Guide in Word and PDF format. Easily customize your Word documents so lessons fit ministry needs.  Sharing lessons with busy volunteers couldn’t be easier! Each quarterly kit includes:13 unforgettable lessonsLeader GuideSing & Play To-Go CD 5-Pack; includes 3 songs (additional 5-pack CDs are available separately)Sing & Play CD containing 13 songs (additional CDs are available separately)Sing & Play Music Video DVDBible Poster Pack containing 5 posters (additional poster packs are available separately) With Hands-On Worship, this quarter, kids will discover how:Jesus dies and rises again (Luke 23:26-24:12);the community of believers share (Acts 2:42-47);God frees Peter from prison (Acts 12:1-19)… … along with many more adventures!