H20: A Journey Of Faith Series (Discs Only)

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In this seven episode video series, join in as Kyle Idleman teaches what it means to share the truth of Jesus Christ through relationships and community. H2O transforms lives by feeding the mind, moving the heart, and stimulating the senses.

Episode 1 – Thirsty. All people are thirsty for truth and meaning. Illustrating this search for fulfillment, the first episode features a desperate search for a wedding ring lost in the ocean\'s surf. As they desperately search for the ring, the video explores our own concerns about finding satisfaction in life and our hopes for a happy ending.

Episode 2 – Polluted. The goal of this episode is to help viewers set aside their negative ideas about the church - at least temporarily - so they can clearly consider Jesus. In this video, a young man stands disillusioned on the bank of a foul, poisonous river. Rather than turning his back on it, he heads to the river\'s pure source for inspiration.

Episode 3 – Source. God is the source of life. In this episode our preconceptions of God are examined, including those stemming from flawed relationships with our earthly fathers. In this half hour, we see a true picture of God\'s love for His children.

Episode 4 – Pure. We see life transformed in the story of Christ\'s interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well, and her story of longing is reflected in an image of our modern society. Here the viewers meet Jesus who loves them for who they really are and who can satisfy their deepest longings.

Episode 5 – Mirage. Only the Living Water of Christ can satisfy our thirst but Satan may fool us into chasing mirages with promises of satisfaction that never materialize. This program shows how if we continue to chase mirages, we miss out on the fulfilled life Jesus offers and will ultimately die of thirst.

Episode 6 – Drowning. This powerful episode addresses the Biblical concept of sin, its unavoidable consequences, and Christ\'s ultimate solution. From the concept of original sin to Christ\'s atonement on the cross, it paints a compelling picture of our separation from God and how Christ came to bridge the gap.

Episode 7 – Drink. The moving story of a death row inmate serves as a metaphor for a sinner\'s journey from death to a forgiven new life in Christ. As the inmate\'s movement of execution arrives, we are compelled to discover the mysteries and joys of redemption from a heavenly perspective.