H20: A Journey Of Faith Pastor's Kit

by Anchor
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Water. It covers our planet and fills our bodies. Our world couldn\'t exist without it. It keeps us alive. Jesus knew how important water was. Maybe that\'s why he called himself the living water. He was making a claim and offer too good to ignore, although many people still do. If you\'re ready to take your congregation beyond the four walls of mere church attendance, to a place where they are actively sharing their faith with lost souls in their homes and community, this resource kit is for you.

H2O is a powerful, visually engaging, group oriented experienced designed to create a safe atmosphere where people are comfortable considering the person of Jesus Christ. This pastor\'s resource kit is designed to help you as a pastor in your mission to boldly proclaim Christ to unbelievers, as well as equip your congregation to share their faith with those around them.

The H2O pastor\'s kit offers two different tracks as methods of implementing this series into your church. Track 1 focuses on teaching believers how to share their faith, and then takes both believers and non-believers through the six sermon series that coordinates the video series. Track 2 dives right into the six sermon series, without the introductory instructional sermons. Or, you can mix the tracks to create a program unique to your church\'s needs.

The H2O Pastor\'s Kit Includes
Special video message from Kyle Idleman to pastors
Video guide for implementing a church-wide program
Two introductory sermons and six sermons to accompany the video series
Six short video clips to accompany each week\'s sermon
Digital art files to use for creating bulletins and other promo materials