Growing In Christ Sunday School: High School-Teacher Guide (NT3) (#460740)

by Anchor
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The High School Teacher Guide features easy-to-use lessons plans designed to spark in-depth discussion about the Bible and life.

The Guide includes:

A background Bible commentary for personal study and teacher preparation
A four-step weekly lesson plan with several teaching options
Bible timeline poster
Reproducible activity and discussion pages
Small group and large group options
YouTube video suggestions for each lesson
Online tools include the w5 weekly openings.

The thirteen New Testament Bible stories covered in the Jesus Teaches about God’s Kingdom study are:

Jesus Preaches on the Mount
Jesus Teaches Us to Trust
Jesus Is Anointed
Jesus Feeds Five Thousand
The Transfiguration
Jesus Send the Seventy-Two
The Good Samaritan
The Good Shepherd
Jesus Teacher Us to Pray
Jesus Raises Lazarus
Jesus Seeks the Lost
Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
Jesus Blesses the Little Children