Grapple Preteen Sunday School Pak Volume 7-Spring

by Anchor
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Grapple Preteen Sunday School answers kids\' (4th - 6th Grade) tough questions with strong answers from the Bible. These non-dated Sunday school lessons last 45 to 90 minutes, are customizable, and focus on helping preteens grapple with Biblical answers to their common questions. The pack includes one DVD and one leader\'s guide. The entire set contains 8 volumes for two full years of curriculum content. Volume 6 is intended for use during the winter quarter.
Quarterly Contents:
Relationships: Boy Meets Girl

Are We Really That Different?
Why Can\'t We Just Be Friends?
What\'s Really Okay?
What Was God Thinking?
Faith Questions: What\'s the Big Deal About Sin?
Am I Really a Sinner?
Is It Really Sin if You Don\'t Know It Is?
Can I Do Something So Bad It\'ll Keep Me Out of Heaven?
If I\'m Forgiven, What\'s the Big Deal About Sin?
Choices: What Really Matters?
Is Being Liked What Matters?
Is Being Right What Matters?
Is Being the Best What Matters?
Is Being Happy What Matters?