Gr 3-12 Developing Character Higher Level Thinking Questions

by Kagan Publishing
Respect! Responsibility! Integrity! Honesty! How do you develop these valued character traits? In this book of questions, you will find hundreds of questions, quotations, and dilemmas to explore and develop character. Use quotations by famous folks as a springboard for writing and discussing, such as the following by Anne Frank: "The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. Why is your character ultimately your own responsibility?" Use dilemmas to have students evaluate their own values and behaviors: "If someone doesn't treat you with the respect you deserve, would you treat them with the respect they don't deserve? Why or why not?" And have students examine their own traits and those of others with provocative questions such as: "Are there ever situations where it is best to say something you don't believe?" Questions are provided in convenient reproducible question card format, perfect for the engaging cooperative questioning activities provided.

Key Features :

Hundreds of ready-to-use thinking questions on 16 Developing Character concepts including citizenship, leadership, patience, values and morals, courage and moreIncludes reproducible prompts for journal writing and activities for student-generated questionsQuestions are provided in convenient reproducible question card format, perfect for engaging cooperative questioning and analytical thinkingQuestions are crafted to generate critical and creative thinking for character development