Gospel Light Fall 2020: Elementary Teacher's Classroom Kit (Grades 3-4)-Year B (#2246)

by Anchor
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The Give Me Jesus! Quarterly Kit comes with everything you need for 10 Kids and 1 Teacher. The smart new shoulder bag even has space for the most important book, your Bible! With Give Me Jesus!, children study the Bible section by section and develop a deep understanding of God\'s Word. Children will begin to know Jesus, love God and live their faith in practical, tangible ways. Every lesson of Give Me Jesus points to Jesus!Each Quarterly Kit contains:1 copy: Give Me Jesus! Teacher Guide Grades 3&42 pads: Kid Talk Cards for Grades 3&4 (Each pad is enough for 5 kids)1 copy: Bible Teaching Poster Pack1 copy: Get Going! Worship CD (Reproducible)2 pads: Family Fridge Fun (Each pad is enough for 5 kids)