Going Higher With God In Prayer

by Anchor
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It\'s been said that not knowing how to pray is one of the great obstacles in a Christian\'s life. A.W. Tozer pointed out that the church\'s greatest curse is unanswered prayer, and that we do not seem bothered by that. Many just don\'t understand what answered prayer is all about. Tozer outlines this as only he can, describing the conditions that lend themselves to God\'s response as well as those conditions that lead to his remaining silent. Ultimately, Tozer challenges you to ask: Are my prayers more powerful and effective today than they were a year ago? The book opens with Jacob\'s Ladder, with the theme centering on ascending into God\'s presence. What better place to begin dialoging with God! Only he can teach us what is on his heart, what is his will, and what our part in it could be. Deep inspiration and elevated understanding await readers in this new book, masterfully compiled by James L. Snyder.