God's Healing Power

by Anchor
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Is there a need for healing in your life? This book can help you access God\'s amazing healing power. Karen Henein explores the Bible\'s teaching about healing, referencing hundreds of verses and relating encouraging stories.Why not learn how to actively use every point of access to God\'s healing power? God loves you and wants to extend His kindness, compassion, mercy, and grace. In response to your prayers and other steps of obedience, God will choose the measure, method, timing, and duration of the healing He will provide for you and your loved ones.While generating faith for healing, \'\'God\'s Healing Power\'\' also explores why God allows seasons of suffering, what the Bible says about life span, obstacles to our healing, the reality of death, and the promise of eternal life.Hope for healing and hope for heaven can run simultaneously on side-by-side tracks. Those distinct hopes will merge at the believer\'s last earthly horizon. God will fully restore us some day, providing a resurrected body that\'s immortal, indestructible, and forever free from pain. Here or there, now or then, a positive outcome awaits each believer.Whether you need faith for healing, or peace and comfort as life nears its end, \'God\'s Healing Power\' will provide substantive help for your journey.