God's Blueprint for the Great Commission

by Anchor
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Our God is a God of order. He has a pattern for almost everything. But what about the patterns God instituted for the human race? The message God has given us about His Son\'s redemption is called the gospel. God has entrusted this incredible, one-of-a-kind message to believers in Jesus. He wants us to take it into all the world and to share it with every person we know in a way that is understandable for them. And God, who has a pattern for everything in the universe, has an order for how we are to share that message. In this book, we will look at this pattern and analyze the reasons God set it in place. We will also consider why this is the method God blesses the most. Geoffrey Cohen\'s practical and spiritual sensitivity joins with his leadership in the Messianic Jewish ministry. These experiences unquestionably qualify him as a \'voice\' to be heard and a brother to be received. Doubtless, God\'s Blueprint for the Great Commission will assist many to find help and wisdom in maintaining a sensitive and discerning awareness of \'the hour\' and \'the Call.\' The hearts of spiritual leaders everywhere need to be tuned to both if we would \'keep in stride\' with the Holy Spirit\'s acts, especially as pertains to Jerusalem, the Jews, and the Messianic Jewish movement.