God Will Make A Way

by Anchor
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God Will Make a Way
by Dr. Henry Cloud,Dr. John Townsend
There are times in everyone’s life when we’ve felt lost or hurt and find ourselves asking “Where is God in all of this?” When the road gets rough, and we don’t know which way to run, it can feel like God is distant. Yet, that’s exactly when He can step in and move as we’ve never seen Him do before.

In this best-selling, award-winning book, now in paperback, Drs. Cloud and Townsend introduce eight persuasive principles that demonstrate hwo God enters both the heart-breaking situation and the life of someone looking for more. These principles are then applied to readers’ lives so that their relationships will be better, they’ll have more control over the lives, and their spiritual hunger will be satisfied. But God Will Make a Way is more than mere hope; it’s a reality-tested system that captures God’s wisdom for coping with our most difficult problems—from dating and marriage to sex, conflict, parenting, fear, addictions, anger, depression and weight loss.