God vs. Government

by Anchor
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\'Welcome to our peaceful protest.\'In the spring of 2020, churches across North America were forced to close their doors in an effort to protect citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time of mounting fear and hostility, Christians were forced to grapple with how God wanted them to respond to these well-intentioned yet harmful mandates. After all, didn\'t the closure of churches pose a serious threat when people were in need of spiritual direction more than ever?God vs. Government tells the story of two churches\' bold decisions to reopen even though official mandates asked them to remain closed. Convicted by the call in Hebrews 10:25 for churches to assemble together, pastors John MacArthur and James Coates led their congregations to return to in-person meetings-and in the process, found hostile governing authorities taking action against them.How can we as Christians know how best to respond when the state encroaches upon the church? God vs. Government looks to the Bible for answers about remaining faithful to our heavenly Father\'s commands even when society tells us to do otherwise. You\'ll be encouraged by this call to live with discernment and hope, trusting God to do what only He can do no matter what the circumstances.