God Questions 10th Anniversary DVD-Based Study Kit (Repack) (Curriculum Kit)

by Anchor
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The God Questions is revised and repackaged! It\'s been 10 years, and it now features updated content by author Dr. Hal Seed. This kit contains everything churches need to launch small groups that will benefit seekers and believers alike! With practical, Scripturally-rooted answers to some of life\'s most challenging questions about God, Christianity, and the Bible, pastors will love this tried-and-tested resource that will cultivate spiritual growth in their congregations and presents a unique outreach opportunity to their communities.

The kit also features six new videos, shot in \man on the street\ format featuring peoples\' fascinating and eye-opening answers to the very questions addressed in the study.

Topics Include:
WEEK 1: Is God Real?
WEEK 2: Is the Bible True?
WEEK 3: Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?
WEEK 4: How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?
WEEK 5: How Did It All Happen? (Creation vs. Evolution)
WEEK 6: What Happens When I Die?