God Questions 10th Anniversary Church Campaign Kit (Repack)

by Anchor
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The God Questions is revised and repackaged! It\'s been 10 years, and it now features updated content by author Dr. Hal Seed. This kit contains everything churches need to launch a sermon series and small groups that will benefit seekers and believers alike! With practical, Scripturally-rooted answers to some of life\'s most challenging questions about God, Christianity, and the Bible, pastors will love this tried-and-tested resource that will cultivate spiritual growth in their congregations and presents a unique outreach opportunity to their communities.

The kit also features six new sermon bumper videos, shot in \man on the street\ format featuring peoples\' fascinating and eye-opening answers to the very questions addressed in the sermons and study.

Topics Include:
WEEK 1: Is God Real?
WEEK 2: Is the Bible True?
WEEK 3: Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?
WEEK 4: How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?
WEEK 5: Which is Right: Creation or Evolution?
WEEK 6: What Happens When I Die?