Glory: When Heaven Invades Earth

by Anchor
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Released in November, 2000, this book points to the coming invasion of Glory that the prophets have foretold. There is a mighty demonstration of Holy Spirit Glory that has not yet touched this planet, and must happen in order for Scripture to be fulfilled. When it comes, EVERYTHING will change.

It¿s inevitable! It¿s coming!

It¿s so easy for us to settle for less than Glory in our corporate worship services. Written especially with practical application for worship leading ministries, this book exposes some of the common techniques we employ in our natural selves when God¿s Glory is not manifest among us as we desire.

Discover the difference between the Presence of God and the Glory of God. You love the Presence of God, but you¿ll never be satisifed until you see the Glory of God.

The purpose of this book is to fuel your fire for a full-blown, no-holds-barred invasion of Glory in this generation.