Gladys & Jack

by Anchor
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It was risky to change. Leaving a small village where family had lived for a century or more took courage. From Devon to Northumbria, from Montgomeryshire to Sussex, families in Britain struggled. They owned little and expected little, but they hoped for more than subsistence in the future. Meet the Hannaford, Pope, Lyon, and Bailey families as they move from long-established villages to new lives in a new country. They converge in Gladys and Jack, strong in their personalities, work ethic, and Christian faith. This book was inspired by more than birth, marriage, and death certificates, family photos, papers, and writings. Author Beverley Hopwood spent more than a decade researching her ancestors. Keeping as true as possible to historical facts and records, this is a genealogy in novel form. \Bev Hopwood draws her readers into another time and place, with characters and stories that touch the heart and bring history to life.\ -Heidi VanderSlikkle, columnist, Christian Courier \ Bev Hopwood weaves together a moving, fascinating tale rooted in stories passed down through generations of her family. Her exuberant style and meticulous research reveal a love and respect for her past, allowing every reader to share in that gift and to be reminded how important it is to remember that we all owe a debt of gratitude to those that have gone before us.\ -Sara Davidson, author, The Watcher About the Author: Beverley Hopwood completed her Bachelor of Music in Windsor, Ontario, followed by teachers\' college in Althouse. Since retiring from the school system, she and her husband have raised two girls and enjoy a wide variety of hobbies. Beverley has travelled to the small villages she writes about and has been conducting genealogical research for more than a dozen years. This historical novel is the first of a series.