Gifts Of The Spirit

by Anchor
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The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12 are demonstrations ofGod‰۪s matchless grace at work in the world, as well as evidence of His powerfulpresence in the midst of His church. They are manifestations of the sovereigntyand provision of God that people can actually see, hear, and experience with theirsenses. And they testify to the crucial truth that Jesus Christ is the Lord andSavior of the world. All Christians can receive and exercise these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Acclaimed Bible teacher Derek Prince shows how to discover and live in the spiritual giftsGod has given you, so you may‰Û_‰ۢ Experience God‰۪s power personally.‰ۢ Demonstrate distinct manifestations of the Spirit in your life.‰ۢ Increase your effectiveness in the body of Christ.‰ۢ Become a conduit of God‰۪s grace.‰ۢ Defeat satanic powers.‰ۢ Do miracles in the name of Jesus.‰ۢ Strengthen and encourage your fellow believers.‰ۢ Live in God‰۪s will.‰ۢ Bring deliverance, healing, and hope to the world.The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not a luxury. They are a necessity for living out thepurposes and plans of God. As we receive the spiritual gifts God wants to give us,we can demonstrate His manifold grace and power everywhere we go.