Gideon's Gift (Repack) (Red Glove Series V1)

by Anchor
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Five years ago, Earl Badgett lost his beloved wife and daughter and his faith in everything good. Angry and heartbroken, he took to the streets. He doesn\'t want anyone reaching out to him; he doesn\'t need anyone especially the pesky little girl who refuses to leave him in peace when he stops by the shelter for an occasional meal.
How can he know eight year old Gideon Mercer is a leukemia patient confident her sudden remission is a Christmas gift from God? How can he know how much she wants to share the truth that Christmas miracles happen to those who believe? When she gives Earl a gift, neither of them can imagine that the present she\'s found will lead him to a heart wrenching reawakening. Or that his determination to return the favor will begin a series of Christmas miracles that will reverberate throughout the rest of their lives...