Giant Slayers

by Anchor
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Your Blueprint to VictoryWe live in a world of giants.Some come knocking on our doors, threatening to tear our lives apart. Others are far away, guarding treasure and glory, waiting to see who will challenge them. Maybe debt is your giant?a pile of second and third notices that you don?t know how to answer. Maybe it is an illness?a diagnosis that destroys hope or an injury that puts an end to your dreams. Maybe your giant is a cause?a suffering people that pulls at your sense of justice or a lack in your community. Maybe it is fear?a paralyzing doubt that sends you into long days of procrastination and depression. Hunger, disease, poverty, corruption, abuse, deceit, war, addiction, hate?we live in a world of giants.Fortunately, we also live in a world of giant-killers.?from the IntroductionGet ready to enter and experience the story of David and Goliath like never before. Learn the practical ?ground rules? that will bring you into a life of facing your fears, overcoming obstacles, and slaying the giants that keep you from fulfilling your destiny!