Genesis Record

by Anchor
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The Genesis Record is the only commentary on the complete book of Genesis written by a creationist scientist. Written as narrative exposition rather than a critical verse-by-verse analysis (although discussions on all important historical and scientific problems are woven in to the narrative), The Genesis Record is equally useful to both the theologically trained and the layperson.

Dr. Henry M. Morris writes from the conviction that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are as truly historical as the remaining thirty-nine. This conviction is based not simply on faith but on many years of scientific study as well as the interchange of ideas with many other scientists, (both creationists and evolutionists).

In The Genesis Record, you will be conducted by a capable guide through the corridors of earth\'s early history, providing the background so necessary in understanding all of Scripture. This exploration of the beginning of all things will offer insight into human character and will impact the application of biblical truth to your life in the twenty-first century.