Genesis 12-33 (Bible And Your Work Study/Theology Of Work Project)

by Anchor
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This Bible study of Genesis 12-33 is a part of The Bible and Your Work Study Series. It contains Scripture references, thought-provoking questions, and prayers to help you explore what the Bible says about work and apply it to your life in positive, practical ways. The lessons in each chapter are designed for thirty-minute lunch breaks, although they can be used in other formats as well.
Chapter 1. Abraham: Journey from Haran to Egypt
Chapter 2. Abraham: Faithful in Canaan
Chapter 3. Abraham: Doing Business in Canaan
Chapter 4. Isaac: Maintaining the Family Business
Chapter 5. Jacob: Alienation and Return to Haran
Chapter 6. Jacob: Separating from Laban and Reconciling with Esau
Chapter 7. Summary: Building the Family Business to Bless the Earth