Garden of Grace

by Anchor
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The creation of spiritual paintings and icons goes back centuries, to a time before general literacy. Even to this day, an artist is instructed to ?write an icon? rather than paint one, because it preaches the Word of God to the seeker. It is in this spiritual tradition that we encounter the living Word.?Garden of Grace? is a collection of sixty-six paintings depicting each book of the Bible. This collection emerged out of a spiritual journey taken by the artist, Mindi Oaten. These paintings inspire reflection of God?s continued grace in Christ Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. The full fragrance of the Garden of Eden wafts through each frame, climaxing in the bouquet for the bride of Christ. Though challenged by sin, death, persecution, and loss, grace remains present as each flower appears along the journey from the Fall to our final redemption. The prophetic paintings invite the Holy Spirit to activate your imagination. By exploring the scriptures behind the symbols, the living Word speaks truth.