Game Changers

by Anchor
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A guide to changing the world, based on the life of Moses

Authors Gavin and Anne Calver examine our contemporary world and consider where we stand as the church within it. Drawing on the narrative of Moses, they show how we can be game changers.

The book is presented in five provocative sections:
Encounter. Like Moses at the burning bush, we must make time to encounter God.
Engage. Like Moses with Pharaoh, we must engage with our communities and the issues at hand.
Ensemble. We are the body of Christ, and everyone plays a vital part. Like Hur, Aaron, Moses, and Joshua, we will minister most effectively when we do it together.
Equip. How do we hear and respond to what the Lord is doing; listen, see, and respond to what the Spirit is saying; or be equipped to go with others, to make a difference?
Empower. Like Moses and Joshua, we need to pass on the vision and empower the next generation; we may not see our God—given dreams fulfilled in our generation.
God is very much at work in our twenty—first—century world. He is doing new and different things by the power of His Spirit. The question is, do we want to join Him? If so, it\'s time to become Game Changers.