Full Metal Trench Coat (Bill The Warthog Mysteries V1)

by Anchor
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\I don\'t suppose you have a friend who is a warthog. You probably don\'t have a friend who is a professional detective, either. So it\'s very unlikely that you have a friend who\'s both. But I do.\
So begins the first adventure of Nick Sayga and his friend Bill, a warthog detective. As Bill fights kids\' crimes, such as questionable celebrity soccer shoes and a surge in broken skateboard helmets, he also teaches Nick and his friends about the Armor of God. Try to figure out each chapter\'s mystery as you read about Bill, Nick and their friends. And you\'re going to laugh at Bill\'s crazy attempts to fit in with kids--especially when he puts tennis balls on his tusks so he can join the soccer team! This book comes with a Warthog Detective Agency green rubber bracelet. Recommended for ages 7 to 10.