From Trauma To Transformation

by Anchor
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There are few greater hurts than the betrayal by a loved one. With practical guidance and personal experience, author and counselor Debra Laaser offers hope-filled practical steps that can set you on the journey of healing and transformation.We have all heard of post traumatic stress, but few of us think about the possibility of post traumatic growth--the positive ways in which we can be transformed by our trauma. Yet this is precisely what can happen when we face our hurts, struggle through the rubble of our broken relationships, and unearth the ways God wants to use our trials to refine and mature us.With compassion born from personal experience and insights gathered from years of counseling others, licensed marriage and family therapist Debra Laaser helps you stop asking \'Why me?\' and start asking \'Lord, what would you have me learn from this?\' She offers tangible steps you can take to move beyond daily survival toward a future in which you can thrive.God does not waste our pain. With Laaser\'s expert guidance, you can experience positive life change not in spite of the hurt, loss, or betrayal you have undergone but because of it.