From Darkness To Light

by Anchor
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Shows how to rescue a loved one from the occult.
Exposes Satan\'s schemes

Jeff Harshbarger is a former Satanist. His attempts at suicide went astonishingly wrong, and his encounter with Jesus helped him get free from Satan\'s shackles. This book exposes Satan\'s schemes and shows the readers how to rescue someone they love from occult bondage.

Jeff is now considered to be one of the worlds\' leading experts on the occult. Thousands of people have sought his help for those they love. This informative and helpful book provides help and hope for those who are caught up in Wicca, witchcraft, vampirism, Satanism, and other realms of darkness.

The President of Cleansing Stream Ministries, Chris Hayward, writes, Jeff Harshbarger tells the unvarnished truth about the occult. Through his personal story, you\'ll understand why and how a person is easily drawn into the dark side. More imporantly, Jeff teaches you how to join with God to help break the strongholds that bind someone there. His no-nonsense approach explodes the myths of ghost stories and vampire movies. This is the real stuff. From Darkness to Light is a simple, comprehensive must-read for anyone who wants to rescue a loved one from the occult.