Friends Of God Participant Guide

by Anchor
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Being a friend of God changes everything… You’re about to embark on a friendship adventure with Jesus that’ll transform you from the inside out. That’s because you’ll be drawing close to his heart—the epicenter of peace and joy. Along the way, you’ll use this Discipleship Diary… • As a guide through all 12 sessions of Friends of God. It contains Scriptures, discussion questions, and directions you’ll need for each session. You’ll refer to it again and again. • As a devotional during the week. It’s full of journal spaces, reflections, Bible study, devotions, and discipleship adventures to try during your everyday life. • As a keepsake. By the end of Session 12, your diary will be as unique as you are! You’ll love revisiting it during the months and years to come as a reminder of your life-changing friendship journey.