Friday Night Love (Days Of Grace V1)

by Anchor
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Zenja Maxwell was widowed in her twenties; she never thought she\'d be a divorcée, too. Yet that\'s the destiny she resigns herself to after learning of her second husband\'s infidelity and kicking him out of the house. She plans a cruise with her best friend, Caprice, to take her mind off Roman and celebrate moving on with her life.

But Caprice won\'t let her give up that easily, especially when Roman seems committed to reconciling. Caprice and her husband invite Zenja and Roman to Friday Night Love, a weekly event for couples. Zenja hesitates, but the promise of food and fellowship prevails. She figures she can put up with Roman for one night.

At the events, the women are issued a series of Bible-based challenges designed to help them cultivate respect for their husband. Zenja struggles at first; she isn\'t even sure she wants to rekindle the relationship. But Roman is persistent in his pursuit of her, even when he discovers that she dallied with cheating herself. Through tragedies, triumphs, and trusted friends, the couple learns never to underestimate the Author of marriage when husbands and wives surrender to Him.