Freeing Congregational Mission

by Anchor
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There is a deepening crisis in mission as practiced by North American congregations. Many mission activities are more effective at satisfying church members than making a lasting difference, producing what\'s too often consumer-oriented \'selfie mission.\' Too much effort is based on colonial-era assumptions of mission launched from a position of power. These practices are not just ineffective?they deviate from mission in the way of Jesus. Hunter Farrell and Bala Khyllep want to help free congregational mission from harmful cultural forces so churches can better partner with God\'s work in the world. They invite leaders to lay the foundation for more faithful and effective missions with three core elements:a Christ-centered theology of mission rooted in companionshipan appetite and competence to engage across differences with cultural humilityinsights and strategies to accompany local and global neighbors in co-developmentFarrell and Khyllep deliver key takeaways from the latest mission research, inspiring examples from innovative congregations, and a set of step-by-step tools for churches to discern and implement sound practices that will work for them. The local church community is well-positioned to build a spreading circle of relationships centered in Jesus Christ. With this book, congregations of every Christian tradition will find practical help to direct their resources in truly life-giving ways as they seek the mission of God.North American congregations face a deepening crisis of consumer-oriented \'selfie missions\' and practices based on colonial-era assumptions. Seeking to free congregational mission from harmful cultural forces, this book helps churches better partner with God\'s work in the world, offering the latest research and practical, step-by-step tools for churches.