Freedom To Forgive

by Anchor
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The daughter of a prominent gentleman in Boston, Katrina finds herself discontent with life. Urged by her family to choose a husband, Katrina finally gives in only to find herself falling in love with a man whose material possessions are little and yet his desire for her outshines all else. Defying her father, Katrina elopes and heads west hoping for a better future only to find that her feelings of discontent have followed her. Will she ever be happy? Catie O Connell, daughter of Shay and Alana O Connell, promised Rand Hansen she would wait for him when he left town several years earlier. But after ten years of waiting, Catie finally accepts the proposal of a man who has proven himself worthy. Only days before her wedding day Rand appears and Catie is forced to make a heart wrenching decision, run away with the man she always thought she was destined for, or marry the man who has waited patiently for her heart? If she only knew the consequences her choices would inflict, would she choose differently?