Freedom of Limitation, The

by Anchor
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We\'ve all heard of \ hinking outside the box\ and, in recent years, there has been a lot of talk in the Church about \limitless living\ and achieving our \ull potential\. But what if we\'re not supposed to think \outside the box\?

What if the idea of life without limits is a myth? - one that will trap us and leave us unfulfilled, confused and frustrated? Dr John Andrews contends that we each have an individual \ox\ of purpose, tailor-made for us by God, that we are meant to live within - not break out of. In this liberating book, he shows us that true freedom comes from operating within the limits God has specifically created for our lives. And that having limits does not mean we are limited. We learn how even Jesus operated within the limits of God\'s boundaries for His life, and yet managed to shake the entire world and have an influence disproportionate to His humble beginnings. Come on a journey of uncovering your God-given identity, gifts and calling, and discover the joy that is the freedom of limitation.