Framing Faith

by Anchor
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Like a photographer or storyteller, Jesus exhibited time and again how easy it is to capture moments of profound importance just bynoticing,stopping, andresponding to his surroundings.In a world moving way too fast,Framing Faithis a book for people seeking to focus their lives, to find a deeper knowledge of God, and a more authentic Christian faith. In this modern age, many of us fill every ?spare? moment we have rather than taking an intermission to see the true works of God and realize that he is present in every moment.Matt Knisely communicates biblical truths in a fresh way, allowing you to really hear them, as if for the first time. He illustrates a new way to?seeGod and to help us live in the moment through the exploration of various photography concepts, including:PerspectiveCompositionProcessingDarkness versus LightHis probing questions and unexpected presentation lead readers into a place of honest self-examination, causing them to ask, ?Am I listening to God???Framing Faith?provokes its readers toward reflection; it reveals God is in everything we see and do.