Foundations of Sonship, The

by Anchor
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Establishing the Theological Foundations of a New Move of GodChristianity\'s relational God is not satisfied with anything less than life-in-union with His sons and daughters. But every historical move of God has been quickly followed by manipulative attempts to hijack God\'s awakenings by orphaned-hearted ambition, leaving the Church to flounder in human self-effort and a performance-driven Christianity. The new awakening to Sonship for our day must be secured on the bedrock foundations of God\'s work in Christ before the foundations of the world, and manifested in the Cross.The revelation of a new \'starting place\' as sons brings the eternal destiny in clearer view and shifts the objectives of the Church from winning converts and drawing crowds to showing the Father\'s love to orphans in search of their father, home, and inheritance. Discover here how the Father creates all things through the Son, establishing the divine mode of operation in sonship, releasing the Holy Spirit in us to walk as sons.