Forgiving Our Fathers And Mothers

by Anchor
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?If our families are to flourish, we will need to learn and practice ways of forgiving those who have had the greatest impact upon us: our mothers and fathers.?Many of us struggle with the deep pain of a broken relationship with a parent. In a unique style that seamlessly moves between analysis, biblical interpretation, and memoir,?Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers?offers portraits of authentic forgiveness that model ways to repair those relationships.The authors share their own experiences with forgiveness, providing comfort and hope to those wrestling with questions like these:What does the Bible say about forgiveness? Why must we forgive at all?How do we honor those who act dishonorably toward us, especially when they are as influential as our parents? Can we ever break free from the ?sins of our fathers??What does forgiveness look like in real life? Do I have to let an estranged parent back into my life? How do I forgive a parent who has passed away??Fields connects true stories with scriptural support for encouragement, while Hubbard?s chapter-ending commentaries add a clinical perspective. Their hope is that we gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our parents, and our God, arriving at ?a place of freedom that we cannot even imagine now, a freedom that promises to begin to heal the brokenness of the world itself.?