Forgiving God

by Anchor
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A young mother explores how damaged faith can be restored, after a season of spiritual exile separated her from the Savior she had trusted to heal her son. Hilary Yancey thought she had unshakable faith until it was truly tested. Married to her college sweetheart and jubilantly expecting their first child, when a routine ultrasound revealed her baby\'\'s significant cleft lip, missing eye and ear, and dwarfed features, Hilary asked God for a miracle and told herself that her son would be healed. But he wasn\'\'t. And the weeks the couple spent beside their baby\'\'s hospital bed became a spiritual exile for the young mother, where she contemplated faith, nearly lost all of it she had, wrestled with anger with God, and was reintroduced to Him by her beautiful, baby boy Jackson. For any new parent in the midst of the challenge, for anyone who has experienced faith-shattering circumstances, or for those who find themselves lost in the wilderness of shaken belief, this book will provoke helpful self-reflection and encouragement through a mother\'\'s open, honest, raw account of her journey back to God.