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In 1965, U.S. Navy specialist Hector Ruiz intercepts a Soviet communication deep inside Syria. Soviet special forces are fast approaching the Israeli border with enough chemicals to wipe out the Hebrew nation. But when all conventional efforts fail to defeat the advancing threat, the Soviet soldiers' meet a quick and disastrous fate. Years later, hazardous materials worker Jim Darby holds the only clues as to what really happened in the Syrian Desert. But when Darby's own suspicious death occurs, his lawyers turn to space law expert Dutch Bennett to help litigate a billion dollar case against the United States for its role in the deaths of the Soviet soldiers. For Dutch, the case could catapult his career and earn him title as the world's top space law attorney. For the United States, however, political tensions are escalating and the integrity of a nation is at stake. But will a death-bed confession from a surprise witness be enough to give Dutch the win?