For Women Only Discussion Guide

by Anchor
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More for Women Only! What\'s going on in a man\'s mind? You don\'t have to scratch your head any longer. After Shaunti Feldhahn\'s For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men broached the subject, women everywhere responded with an overwhelming desire to dig deeper. Now this all-new discussion guide will help you and your friends explore the complex terrain beneath a man\'s confident exterior. Personal stories, fascinating case studies, and pointed questions will launch the conversations you need to open your eyes to what the man in your life - a boyfriend, brother, husband, or son - is really thinking and feeling. Men want to be understood, but they\'re afraid to \reak out\ the women they love by confessing what is happening inside their heads. For women who really do want to understand, this group or one-on-one discussion guide is a must for helping you apply all those \ah ha\ revelations to your relationships with the men in your life!