For The Love Of Ryan

by wasSTL
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At first Donna Eubank tried to ignore the prompting to get in the family car and pick up her husband and five-year-old son. It was getting dark and they were biking home from a convenience store about a mile or so away. "No, I'm going to wait about fifteen more minutes," she told herself, not realizing that it was the Holy Spirit nudging her. At a quarter after nine, she heard these words: "Get in the car and go!" A few short blocks from her home she discovered what the gnawing urgency was all about as she drove upon the flashing police lights, flares burning in the streets, a quiet group of onlookers, and her husband and son's bicycles mangled on the side of the street. Her deepest fears were confirmed when she discovered that the two had been hit by a car driven by a drunken driver. While her husband, Roger, had been knocked over the car, her son, Ryan, had been crushed under it, a tire track clearly imprinted on his chest and abdomen. Adding to his injuries was a massive head trauma. The paramedics had laid out a body bag for the boy, but later found a pulse and rushed him to the nearest hospital. As the surgeon would later tell Donna, her son should never have gotten off the operating table. But he did, and heaven was put on hold. In the meantime, Donna and Roger Eubank faced struggles for their son's life that tried their faith and their souls.